Swensk Ton

Nils Kjellström

Nils Kjellström has been directing Swensk Ton since its beginnings in 1982 with musical passion - and patience...

Nils KjellströmNils studied church music, piano, organ, flute and cello in Sweden. In the 1960s, he was active in different vocal and instrumental groups, later also as producer, studio manager and arranger. 

In 1971, Nils came to Germany where he worked for musical publishers and recording studios, later as musical advisor in broadcasting.

Since 1982, he has been working as a musician, singer, producer, composer, arranger, choral director and publisher. His compositions and editings have been released. You can get more information via email at Info@KeyMusicPublishing.de.

Between 1997 and 2007, Nils joined Musikal Spezial, one of Europe's leading suppliers for choral and sheet music from around the world.


Albrecht Bill

Nils and Albrecht discuss musical designs.Albrecht Bill has been singing bass with Swensk Ton since 1994. He has been shaping programs and concerts of Swensk Ton as second director since 1997. He benefits from his expertise in musical education and his experience with other choirs.


Nils and Albrecht discuss musical designs.



Andrea Ludewig

Andrea LudewigAndrea Ludewig joined Swensk Ton in 2007 as a soprano. Since 2009 she's contributed her knowledge as a music student of the HfMDK Frankfurt and as a director of different choirs in Germany and Finland to Swensk Ton.



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